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Hacker Challenge

Thank you to all who submitted ideas. The selected finalists will be notified by email on or about October 25th, 2013.

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What’s in this “Challenge” for me?

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Why Create a Challenge?

Other than the chance to win $2,000, finalists will meet the BHiveLab team, participate in a daylong training session at the Pittsburgh Tech Shop in Bakery Square and receive their own Arduino starter kit. This is an opportunity to share your creativity with one of the most innovative agencies in Pittsburgh.

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More on the Challenge

There is a shortage of creative technology talent both nationally and in Pittsburgh. Particularly those who consider advertising as their career choice. To foster creative and technical innovation in Pittsburgh and to bring awareness of that fact that there are great emerging careers in the marketing technology field, BHiveLab is conducting the Hacker Challenge contest geared towards high school students. BHiveLab’s Hacker Challenge is open to youth who have new technology ideas and are interested in making them a reality.

Sometimes ideas need a little coaching to turn them into tangible products. The Hacker Challenge will provide selected youth the opportunity to turn their creative idea into a product using an Arduino Starter Kit and a little coaching from an innovative company, BHiveLab.

The Challenge Process


Complete Online Registration

Submit your idea online by completing the registration form on this site. Registration closes October 12, 2013.


Finalists Selected

The top 20 ideas (or finalists) will be selected by October 25, 2013.


Partner with BHiveLab

Finalists meet the BHiveLab team and get a tour of the BHiveLab in downtown Pittsburgh.


Arduino Starter Kit

Each finalist receives their own Arduino starter kit. The BHiveLab team will conduct a day long training session at Pittsburgh Tech Shop in Bakery Square on how to use the Arduino starter kit.


Start Building Your Idea

Finalists have over a month (34 days to be exact) to build their idea using the Arduino starter kit.


Your Final Judgment

On December 7, finalists are to present their built idea to the Hacker Challenge judges.

Tunnel Connections

Your experienced advisors for the Challenge.

Group of people

BHiveLab began as an innovation sandbox to keep Brunner on the leading edge of creative technology. The BHiveLab team is made up of the most talented creative technologists in the region and will act as your mentors through the final phase of the Challenge.

BHiveLab focuses on staying immersed in digital marketing and technology innovation and inventing new ways to reach the on-the-go consumer.

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Stacked Chip

The Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It’s an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board.

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Challenge Sponsors & Judges